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CAA v. to call
CAB v. to travel by taxi
CAD n. a dishonourable man
CAG n. a cagoule
CAM v. to whiten with camstone
CAN v. to store in a metallic cylinder
CAP v. to put a limit on something
CAR n. an automobile
CAT v. to vomit
CAW v. to cry as a crow (also KAW)
CAY n. a low islet
CAZ abbrev. CASUAL
CEE n. the letter "C"
CEL n. celluloid
CEP n. a kind of edible mushroom
CHA n. tea
CHE pron. (dial.) I
CHI n. feminine of CHAL n. a fellow
or person (also KHI)
CID n. a chief, captain or hero
CIG n. short for cigarette
CIS adj. having certain atoms on the
same side of the molecule
CIT n. a dishonourable man
CLY v. to seize or steal
COB v. to strike
COD v. to make fun of (n. CODDER)
COG v. to con or cheat (n. COGGER)
COL n. a pass in a mountain range
CON v. to trick, or persuade by
dishonest means (n. CONNER)
COO v. to make a sound like a dove
(n. COOER)
COP v. to capture
COR n. a Hebrew measure
COS n. a crisp, long-leaved lettuce
COT n. a small bed for a young child
COW v. to subdue
COX v. to direct a rowing crew
COY v. to caress
COZ n. short for cousin (pl. COZZES)
CRU n. a French vineyard
CRY v. to utter a sound of pain or grief
(n. CRIER)
CUB v. to produce cubs
CUD n. food chewed again by a
ruminating animal
CUE v. to give a signal
CUM n. ejaculate
CUP v. to form into a cup shape
CUR n. a worthless mongrel dog
CUT v. to make an incision; to reduce
CUZ n. a cousin (pl. CUZZES)
CWM n. (Welsh) a valley

Fig Dish - Nimble / Bury Me