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In 1928, Baird's company (Baird Television Development Company/Cinema Television) broadcast the first transatlantic television signal, between London and New York, and the first shore-to-ship transmission. In 1929, he became involved in the first experimental mechanical television service in Germany. In November of the same year, Baird and Bernard Natan of Pathé established France's first television company, Télévision- Baird -Natan. In 1931, he made the first outdoor remote broadcast, of The Derby . [20] In 1932, he demonstrated ultra-short wave television. Baird's mechanical system reached a peak of 240-lines of resolution on BBC television broadcasts in 1936, though the mechanical system did not scan the televised scene directly. Instead a film was shot, rapidly developed and then scanned while the film was still wet.

Following guest appearances in “Nash Bridges” and “NYPD Blue” (both 2001), Smith's TV career received a huge boost when she won the role of Wanda McCullough, the no-nonsense, career-minded wife and mother in “The Bernie Mac Show,” which ran on the Fox network from 2001 to 2006. Starring opposite Bernie Mac as her character's husband, she was nominated for three consecutive Image awards from 2003 to 2005 in the category of Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series and in 2006 nabbed another nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. She also picked up BET Comedy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 2005 and 2006.

He reported for and anchored newscasts for Corinthian Broadcasting in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana from 1965 to 1969.

In 1964 , Sarah had already decided to become an explorer, a famous scientist or a journalist. She wanted to explore the world. She wanted to see everything there was to see and more. Her best friend Andrea Yates told her that women couldn't become journalists but Sarah believed that the world was going to change and that soon women could do anything that men could. Sarah was a good student. She got top marks in every class. Sarah thought she was such a good student because she kept reading books like An Unexpurgated History of the Universe . ( PROSE : Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? )

An extraterrestrial race arrives on Earth with seemingly good intentions, only to slowly reveal their true machinations the more ingrained into society they become.

TV Smith* T. V. Smith - March Of The GiantsTV Smith* T. V. Smith - March Of The GiantsTV Smith* T. V. Smith - March Of The GiantsTV Smith* T. V. Smith - March Of The Giants